2- Let Your Fingers Do the Walking Sample Class Curriculum.

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When reading Let Your Fingers do the Walking School, realize that almost all clues are  provided for you.  If the song has one sharp in the key signature, it is always an F#.  All F sharps in the song will be circled with the nearest note which is G.  Each note is given a color and each sharp or flat is circled with a circle the color of the note it is moving toward.

Remember: A=red, B=purple, C=brown, D=grey, E=blue, F=orange, G=green.

Section 1

Ring Those Strings

Ring those strings

Ring Those Strings Coloring Book

Section 2


Let Your Fingers Do the Walking

Let Your Fingers Do the Walking Series

Teacher Manual

Rhythm Card Game

Tic Tac Toe Cards for Group Lessons



Mary Had a Little Lamb



Hot Cross Buns

 Review: First Finger Exercises

Section 3

Bread and Cheese


bread and cheese cover

 Bread and Cheese Card Games


Charlie Brown and Snoopy

See You Later Alligator

Strawberries Strawberries

I love (sh) Mom

Play-alongs for Beginner Violinists

Section 4

Play Beginner Spit-cato

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Let Your Fingers Do the Walking School
Check out what is included in the series 'Let Your Fingers Do the Walking'. Going from developing your bowing arm with the open string Pre-Twinkle Classes, now we are going to start to put our fingers onto the strings. Use these play-along exercises to develop your tone.


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