Symbols with Symbols

Music Theory Symbols Cards and Books and Templates

Symbols with Symbols – card game……………tutorial

Students of music need to be aware of what is going on around them.

The first game  requires the student to multi-focus on what they are doing as well as what others are doing.

A little competition adds to the fun.

Print the cards and make multiple games.

Laminate them.

(not for resale – thanks)

Any questions:

Week One

Scales Aren’t Just a Fish Thing

‘Ten Minute Music Theory’


1 – Study cards


Downloadable ‘Symbols Study Cards’ 

(don’t overlook this step.  It provides success in the following weeks with the games.  Great for the right brained student and the visual learner.)

2 – Symbols with Symbols


Downloadable ‘Symbols with Symbols’ 

Simply match the symbol with the

symbol.  Lots of suggested games.

Display symbols memory Here’s what you get

3 – Symbols with names

Wednesday, March 16, 2016


Downloadable ‘Symbols with Name’ 

4 – Symbols with Rests of equal value

symbol with rest

Downloadable ‘Symbols with Rests of Equal Value’ 


5 – Cover the card


Downloadable ‘Cover the Card’

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6 – Bingo – Tic Tac Toe

Bingo heres what you getThis is what is included in the download

Downloadable ‘Bingo or Tic Tac Toe’

6 – Hierarchy of Notes and Note Exchange

Downloadable ‘Heirarchy of Notes’

hierarchy notation exchange


Next week:  More on Learning Layers to create a Selfie Profile of your unique wiring.

More fun goodies from my studio playground


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