Ignite Your Sleeping Brain – through Music

Join the Christmas Carol Module of ‘Scales Aren’t Just a Fish Thing School’


Cello play-along and sheet music

Piano play-along and sheet music

Violin play-along and sheet music

Get Your invitation to enrich your life with music.

Amazing Progress.

Video series covering:

 how you process information

how you are wired

how to conquer a challenge

And with all that information, learn

how to play an instrument the first time you see it.

When you register for the Christmas music you will receive the course for all three instruments, piano, violin and cello.  Over 25 Christmas songs with sheet music downloads, mp3, and play-along music. Most songs will include the melody, harmony, and duets for cello and violin. For those who purchase the course during the first week that it is offered will receive a buy one get one free for two months (until mid-January) for the price of one ($47.50).  Your special gift from me will be 10 extra Christmas songs by Christmas. I hope you will find it a great way to embellish your Christmas experience if you choose to purchase the course. Ill send you a video explaining the whole ‘Scales Aren’t Just a Fish Thing’ method soon.


Creating fluid thinking





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