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Removing the black notes that don’t really teach us more than just memorizing which note sits where
We replace them with notes that teach music theory through the back door of learning
where there are no roadblocks or short circuits
Each class has an mp4 video for each of the many lessons in the Master Class. Each note has a quality to the tone and has been given a color to match the overtones. This is not a psychological issue, it is a teaching technique that works.

Music theory lessons are given in the form of card games. You can make them yourself with the templates provided or you can order ready-made cards by requesting information at:

Music theory card game templates
Digital Books and tutorials
clue cards for everything….no guessing if your answer is correct
Downloadable sheet music or hard copy books on Kindle and Amazon

Entire series of Beginner Books teacher membership

Violin PreTwinkle Open Strings Teacher Master Class
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Keepers Level – The Teddy Bear’s Picnic Master Class

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Master Classes for those who have had: Two or more years of violin lessons

The Manatees – Gavotte by Martini Master Class

Teacher Membership – Entire collection of literature from Book 3


Dolphins – Seitz 3 – Concerto 5 3rd Movement

Lots of fun extra Master Classes to build technique and to learn the languages of the Violin

Violin, piano, cello – MasterClass – Christmas Module

Piano Master Classes
Piano - Guppies Level
Piano Guppies – an exciting group of songs using more notes

Teachers Membership including all of the beginner master classes for a year membership.

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