Big Book of Gum Drop Notes – ‘Graduates’ Level Piano Sheet Music: Scales Aren’t Just A Fish Thing – Igniting Sleeping Brains

You made it. If you have completed the Big Book of Gum Drop Notes “Pre-twinkle’, ‘Twinkle and Guppy’, and ‘Salmon’, then this is the final level of Book one: ‘The Big Book of Gum Drop Notes – Graduates Level – Piano Sheet Music’. Be sure to have a concert to share your gift. Included in this book are lots of beautiful Minuets and a Gavotte. These are dances. The songs are: ‘Minuet One’ by Bach, ‘Doe a Deer’, ‘Minuet 2’ by Bach, ‘Boom Boom, Ain’t it Great to be Crazy’, ‘Minuet 3’ by Bach, This Old Man, Happy Farmer, America the Beautiful, Gavotte by Gossec. The music is written in the same key as the same title for violin. Include all instruments that play the treble or bass clefs. Gum Drop Notes make it easy to join in and have a concert.

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