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Book Three – Kindle version $9.99 Manatees – is a compilation of huge songs with gentle spirits. All the songs in the Suzuki Book three repertoire are included, plus more. Gavotte by Martini, Minuet 3 by JS Bach, Gavotte in G Minor, Humoresque, Songs my Mother Taught Me, Gavotte by Becker, Gavotte in D Major by Bach, Finger Exercises, Rhyme and Reason card game, Bourree by Bach. Scales Aren’t Just a Fish Thing takes the study of music one step further and color-codes all the notes, adds music theory card games and play-along sheet music. Every student, no matter their age or learning style or difference, can easily move through the music and memorize as they go. Learning of difficult music theory concepts takes place through the silent clues: musical stems the color of the string the note is played, sharps and flats circled with the color of the note it is moving toward, color-coding of each note. No need for correction at your next lesson. Never practice incorrectly again with all the clues and crutches offered with Scales Aren’t Just a Fish Thing.

Martini Gavotte Sample Page

Minuet 3

Gavotte in G Minor


Gavotte in D Major

Gavotte by Becker

Bourree by Bach



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Gavotte by Martini play-alongs and digital books
Gavotte by Martini is the first song in book three of the Suzuki repertoire and the first in the Manatees for Scales Aren't Just a Fish thing. It is a long song but easily memorized with a few little tricks. Play the card game and learn the order of the 'Dagwood Sandwich'.
Minuet 3 Book 3
Book 3 of the Suzuki Method has an additional version of Minuet 3 by Bach. This digital book teaches the new section of Minuet 3 through Gum Drop Notes. Play-alongs take the student from practice speed to polished speed.
Gavotte in G Minor Study
Gavotte in G Minor Study includes a digital book with preview spots and sheet music. The play-along music (in Gum Drop Notes) will ensure perfection in your initial study so you don't have any remedial work. Surprisingly, using the Gum Drop Notes helps with memorization.
Humoresque School
Enjoy this amazing song. The composer looks like a huge bear but he must have een a teddy bear because Humoresque is a beautiful sweet song.
Gavotte in D Major
Gavotte in D Major is a huge song with a gentle spirit.
Gavotte by Becker
Becker Gavotte is a difficult song taking you to the next level of playing
Bach Bourree
Bourree by Bach is a huge song with a gentle spirit.



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