Big Book of Gum Drop Notes – Salmon Level – Piano Sheet Music: Scales Aren’t Just a Fish Thing – Igniting Sleeping Brains

The tunes in this level of the Big Book of Gum Drop Notes are a bit of a challenge. Salmon swim against the current. It is a challenge for them but they are mono-focused. They want to accomplish the task. This is what will be required of us in this level of playing. Using the ‘gumdrop notes’ makes it easier. Almost too easy. It doesn’t seem to be an upstream battle. It isn’t our goal to become sophisticated or classy. Our goal is to learn to sight-read music as if it were a second language. Learning happens best when we are having fun. Most of all, our purpose is to ignite our sleeping brains, by using music as the catalyst, to pull each of us through whatever it is that challenges us. The Gum Drop Notes are an amazing system of color-coded notes structured to teach music theory without our being aware. Included in the Salmon level are Suzuki Piano Songs and fun tunes. The difference is that the Suzuki songs are challenges. They are written in the same key as the Suzuki violin. This way a family can play together and have a wild time. Here are a list of the tunes: Perpetual Motion Doubles Perpetual Motion – Solo Allouette Andantino Ring Around the Rosie Allegretto Animal Fair All the Pretty Little Ponies Happy Birthday Ode to Joy Etude – Solo Etude Doubles Bingo – Solo Bingo with rests

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