Bourree – Handel – A Study Manual: Scales Arent Just a Fish Thing – Igniting Sleeping Brains through Music (Keepers – Book 2) (Volume 6)

Dances have been a great resource for composers throughout history. Bourree by Handel was written as a dance from France. It is great for teaching bowing distribution starting with small bows and progressing to larger bows in both the A section and B sections of the song. Not only does this teach control of the bow, but teaches how to produce a fuller sound without pressing on the bow. The Scales Aren’t Just a Fish Thing Method adds clues throughout the sheet music without an extra word of instruction. Music theory is assimilated in passing as the student reads the sheet music. Notes are color-coded. Stems indicate the string on which the note is played (great for learning to shift into various positions.) Bowing indicators are on nearly every note. Learning a piece of music correctly from the start is essential. Remedial learning is undesirable. So why not teach and nurture instead of ‘test’ from the beginning just because it isn’t the way we have done it before? Adults don’t crawl, but without crawling, our brains don’t develop properly. There is a proper time for each style of development. Scales Aren’t Just a Fish Thing is a proven method of teaching students from a very young age, older adults, those with learning differences and just about anyone, how to play an instrument. The method is available for violin, cello, piano.

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