Canons and Rounds for Violin Students: Scales Aren’t Just a Fish Thing – Igniting Sleeping Brains through music

39 Canons written in four styles. First, you begin your study of the canon with color-coded gum drop notes with the letter in the note. Alongside this sheet music are the black notes with the letter in the note. Learning is a process. ‘Nurture don’t test’ is one the mottos of Scales Aren’t Just a Fish Thing so every crutch is offered to assure an accurate study of the piece. Each stem is color coded with the color of the string on which that note is played. Beginning violin students find it difficult to know which of the 12 notes, repeated throughout the fingerboard, are being played. If it has a blue stem, the note is played on the E string. If a red stem it is played on the A string. This is really helpful as we progress into books 4 and 5 of the Suzuki method of teaching violin because many of the notes are played in ‘positions’ and are indicated by the color of the stem. Even little people begin to play well and accurately with this method. Next, the sheet music is simply the gum drop color-coded-note without a letter followed by the no-nonsense black notes. About 160 pages of sheet music to fill your home or studio with the most amazing and exciting combinations of tones. Enjoy.

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