Chorus from Judas Maccabaeus by George Frideric Handel: Scales Aren’t Just a Fish Thing – Igniting Sleeping Brains through music (‘The Keepers’ – Book Two) (Volume 1)

Handel was a prolific composer. He invented the English oratorio. His most famous oratorio was “‘The Messiah’ So what’s an oratorio? It is like an opera where people sing, chamber groups play and orchestras are hired and it tells a story. The difference? The opera uses costumes and performers. The oratorio is just singing. Chorus was an oratorio performed at the Theatre-Royal in the Covent-Garden. Chorus is the first song in book two of the Suzuki repertoire. Scales Aren’t Just a Fish Thing is a method of teaching music sight-reading that provides clues and crutches to ensure an accurate first experience with learning something new. Color-coded music, music theory card games and play-along music are all part of this method to ensure excellence and memorization.

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