Colin’s Countdown to Violin Class (Companion Books for Gum Drop Notes)

(Kindle Version)  Colin’s Countdown to Violin Class is a six chapter book about what you need to know before you start violin lessons. Position is essential for playing any instrument. Learning a great violin position is a series of steps. Without every one of the steps, the tone of the violin will not be at its best. Colin and his friends, the blue elephant (E string), red alligator (A string), grey dog (D string), and green giraffe (G string) try to prepare for the start of violin lessons. He hasn’t practiced much and imagines ways to get out of having to attend the lesson. Enjoy this first book in the Gum Drop Notes Series of Scales Aren’t Just a Fish Thing. Playing cards and violin teacher manuals available through Check them out by searching Scales Aren’t Just a Fish Thing.

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