Fiddle Violin Sheet Music – Gum Drop Notes: Scales Aren’t Just a Fish Thing – Igniting Sleeping Brains

Fiddle Violin Sheet Music – Gum Drop Notes is a compilation of 21 fiddle tunes written in color-coded gum drop notes. The color-coding does not represent any psychological issue. We aren’t really seeing colors as we play. What is happening is that each note becomes a tone with a unique sound and color of its own. It takes on a characteristic that can be identified. Keep in mind that the colors of the notes are subliminally teaching complex music theory concepts without a word of lecturing. Stem colors indicate the string the note is to be played on. Sharps and flats are reinforced by a circle of the color the note is moving toward. Gum Drop Sheet music is amazing. Learning and memorization takes place almost instantly. Enjoy.

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