Know Your Strings Teacher Manual: Sight-reading for Young Violinists

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Know Your Strings Teacher Manual is a full color book of large ‘bits’ of information. Beginner Rhythms for each of the open strings of the violin are color coded in ‘Gum Drop Notes’. Students as young as two are able to identify the rhythm and play it on the correct strings. The Scales Aren’t Just a Fish Thing Method ignites sleeping brains and goes in the back door of learning by the understanding of the various layers to our learning styles. An attempt to present information through all the possible tools is made through DVD play-alongs of the music, teacher manuals with large ‘bits’ of information, color-coding, and music theory games. This book is part of a series. The ‘Know Your Strings Coloring Book’ is a fun way to insure the student is assimilating what is being taught. Be sure to add one coloring book for each of the students working through the rhythms so they can color the notes. After learning ‘Know Your Strings’, be sure to go through ‘Beginning Bowing on Open Strings’. This book uses the newly learned rhythms and combines them into a song. Each day an exercise song helps create a flowing arm by playing on the open strings.

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