“Second Position Violin”: Teacher Study Manual – Finger Positions Made Easy – Scales Aren’t Just a Fish Thing (Scales Aren’t Just a Fish Thing ‘Violin Finger Positions Made Easy’ Book 2)

(Kindle version $4.99)  The blank fingerboard looks ominous when a student begins to learn to play the violin. How do you reach all the notes? What are they? It can be amazingly simple if you look at patterns. The entire fingerboard is set up in ‘fifths’. My way of remembering the order is this saying: ‘Funny Cows Giggle Deliriously After Eating Broccoli’ I know. It makes no sense but the letters ‘FCGDAEB’ are the secret code for the violin, cello, viola, guitar, order of sharps, and lots more. Violin Finger Positions Made Easy presents just the finger and the notes played by that finger in that position. Second position means you move the thumb and knuckle of your left hand and start playing from there. The card games and hard copy book are available through Amazon.com. Join the newsletter at http://scalesarentjustafishthing.com for news about learning styles, the psychology of taking music lessons, and upcoming products and specials.

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