Six Steps to a Great Violin Playing Position: Scales Aren’t Just a Fish Thing – Igniting Sleeping Brains through Music

Preparation is key when mastering a skill. When you play the violin, changing your bow hold can make a song that is squeaking and hollow into a very rich sound. Think of this, ‘Your thumb has a secret. He can stand on his head for hours and hours. He whispers that secret to the ring finger and tall middle finger. If they are solidly touching the pearl eye, the quality of the sound is at its best. Pinkie is ‘king of the mountain!’ It always stands on it’s head on the top of the ‘stick’. The forefinger appears to be lazy because it really seems to do nothing. Actually, it is creating a balance for the rest of the bow hold. ‘ ‘Six Steps to a great Violin Playing Position’ is a fun way to break down the playing position into six steps that you can follow as you prepare to play.

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