Three’s Company – a study of the placement of the third finger on the violin (Companion Books for Gum Drop Notes)

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Kindle version – $4.99 A full color study. ‘Three’s company’, focuses on the use of the third finger on each of the strings of the violin. Each note has a tune created to use the notes and develop strong fingers and an awareness of where the notes are played. The book is a full-color book of gum drop notes. It is a part of the series of Companion books to Gum Drop Sheet Music.

Be sure to try all of the books. ‘Know Your Strings’, Beginner Bowing Book’, ‘The Fickle First Finger’, ‘One Two Buckle My Shoe’, ‘Three’s Company’, ‘Four is a Crowd’. The tunes in the books concentrate on one finger at a time, one note at a time. The Scales Aren’t Just a Fish Thing Method is ‘one bit of information at a time’, ‘Igniting Sleeping Brains’. This series of six book takes the student from open strings to ‘Flight of the Bumblebee’. Each hard copy book is accompanied with a play-along DVD. Purchase them through Each of the books will be available through Kindle over the next few months.



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