2nd Position Violin Study: Violin Positions Made Easy (Sight-reading for Young Violinists)

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‘The Second Position Made Easy for Violinists’ by Carol Anderson is part of the Scales Aren’t Just a Fish Thing method of going in the back door of learning by understanding learning styles and the way the brain assimilates information by igniting sleeping brains. This book presents one ‘bit’ of information at a time. It is the second teacher manual in a series focusing on the simple fact that one finger plays certain notes when in various positions.



Complete your study of the positions by making the information automatic. Play the card game ‘Positions’ when you buy the book ‘Finger Positions Made Easy Card Games’ and cut out the cards yourself (included in the school)

Violin Positions Made Easy

or check out what is included in the school.  Click here:

or, why note get started today. 

2nd Position Teacher Manual and Game
2nd Position Teacher Manual and Game
Digital eBook: The Second Position Teacher Manual and Game are great tools for embedding information about the violin fingerboard quickly and with tons of fun. Included is a 2nd Finger Teacher Manual, 2nd Position Game and a reproducible 2nd position fingerboard for the students to fill in.
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