What if you knew the end of the game at the beginning?

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waterfall 2

by Carol Anderson




What if you knew the end game

turned out well even during the

difficult innings of life


If you knew that all the hours of practice and dollars for strings and instruments would result in a life of opened doors that otherwise would be closed or non-existent to you
….how would you handle the difficult times?


My husband and I threw our bags into the car hopped in…
…stopped for coffee….
and headed for a weekend at our kid’s house down the shore.**
Forgetting that the Phillies were playing that night,
We mistakenly took the ‘Blue Route’ which, of course,
Was at a near standstill with traffic heading to the game.

Crawling yard by yard,
We slowly made our way down one super highway after the next heading toward the Ben Franklin Bridge and into New Jersey
We listened to the game as we inched along.
Loosing inning after loosing inning was distressing.
I found myself talking to the radio.
It was like a bad reenactment of the scene in the ‘Knight’s Tale’ when they willingly threw the game.
There was no way they were actually missing those plays.
When suddenly,
At nearly the same time as the traffic broke free,
The Phillies’ pitcher did something amazing,
I don’t even remember what it was at this point,
But the entire game turned around and the scoreboard lit up
You could feel the energy of the game through the radio.
Before long, we were at the shore and went into the quiet house.
All the activity was confined to the living room
where our daughter was sitting doing something creative,
the adorable ‘Icing on my life’s cake’ were playing on the floor
and our son-in-law was comfortable, feet propped up on the end of the couch,
arms folded under his head, and intent on the game that was playing on the big screen TV
in the corner of the room.
We walked in,
through the french doors,
and were greeted warmly…..
I said,

“Wow, I thought I’d see fireworks coming out of the house”.
They all looked at me stunned.
Life went into slow motion as I turned my head and looked over at the paused TV.
Their mouths dropped. I shrunk.
The game had been taped so they could watch it at their leisure and were obviously still early in the game.
Although all was quickly forgotten,
I probably begged for forgiveness
and washed dishes all weekend
to make amends for giving away the results of the game.
As I thought over the experience I asked myself….
Did I really ruin the rest of the game?
I had to wonder if the horrific innings
were a little less painful
knowing that the outcome was going to be positive…
almost offering a little excitement to what would have otherwise caused anguish.

I don’t need to spell it out where I’m going with this,
but I will.

What if you knew that the choices you made this moment
in the lives of your children
and in your own personal development
would have a very positive affect down the road?
If your kids struggled with bathing or eating or even going to school,
…..being the adult, you would not get upset,
you’d just inform them that because you know the consequences of their choices,
you are interceding and making the choice for them.
How does this apply to the study of music?
How can we inspire the kids to keep trying when they hit the ‘wall’ of resistance and challenge?
Why bother?

What if you knew that those who are now famous,
also had rough ‘innings’ in their quest to grow into becoming the artist or the musician.

Would just knowing that help you stick it out during your rough or loosing innings?

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