Moments are the ‘bytes’ of our life

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Scales  Aren’t Just a Fish Thing


Igniting sleeping brains

by Carol JC Anderson

We just got back from Ireland. 

I used to sing  ‘Over in Kilarney’ to my little people

My imagined ‘Ireland’ has now blurred into the ‘Real’ Ireland

I have to admit that Ireland is a storybook in real life

I am having a difficult time remembering what I pictured when I sang little people to sleep.  My new ‘visual’ is almost as unreal but has slipped in and become the mental picture.   Patchwork fields covering mountain sides.  Sheep everywhere!!

And this is my point today.

You can never unlearn what you learn. 

It becomes a part of you.

It is not only difficult to remember what wasn’t there just days before,

it is impossible.

It has become a structural part of  your thinking.

That’s called ‘assimilation’ .

Before really learning something, you’ve simply ‘accommodated’ the information

(you stuck it in here and there where there was room)

But then….

once the info is in there,

and extraneous information like duplicates or what doesn’t fit with a personal world view is discarded, we need to

Make it ‘ ours’…ergo assimilation.

We are an information society but at some point:


 Most adults have so much on their plates that even to stop is too much to ask.

But there is something called ‘flow’ that is worth stopping, digging and running to create.

Sometimes life gets in the way.

Other times we don’t think we can achieve it

Most of us have our finger in an emotional dyke holding back

unresolved issues

that continually validate

‘limiting beliefs’ .

(chew on that for a while..its powerful)

Denial that there is even something holding us back is, in itself,

guzzling your ‘will-power gas’ and stopping

flow before it happens.

  1. Make a plan. (no one wants to do this simple thing)

They always point to their head and say:  ‘its up here’.

That’s not good enough.
Put it down there!

on the paper, in your phone, on your computer.

2. Chip away with one positive action at a time.

3. Set a goal.

I have to say that if someone wants to start violin lessons with me, they are usually down the path toward the goal already. It’s when the reality of what it takes to reach the goal meshes with the  ‘fires of life’ already in place…..that the task seems insurmountable.  So we have to clear a path to achieve the desired goal of learning an instrument.

Having a clear path…uncluttered…is essential for ‘flow’.

I had a little guy who was learning “Twinkle Twinkle Little Star” stand around practicing the tune long after I had the endurance or desire to keep going. He was saying, “I could do this all night!”as he moved from room to room. That was a ‘kid rendition’ of  ‘flow’.

To establish ‘flow’ you don’t have to have ‘arrived’ already.

You simply need to surrender to the moment.

I’m sorry….did you read that?

You were probably listening to a podcast while you were reading.

Stop and think about this for a second.

You need to surrender to the moment.

Just do one thing at a time and be there.  That’s so important in many ways.  Did you know that parents who are at their kid’s baseball games cheering them on or at their concerts taking pictures but who won’t sit down at home and play a game of ‘UNO’ or listen to their never-ending description of a story they are writing actually can be at fault for creating ‘narcissistic’ kids who become narcissistic adults?  OK too much. That can be for later.


What is flow?

-sustained concentration on the task at hand.
(oh you mean no multitasking?….)

-accepting the results and working with them…

-simply enjoying the process of improvement.

-forgetting about your needs or even time,  and focusing on the activity or project or trip you are taking, or something you are creating.

-clarity of almost being one with the moment without extra clutter in our thinking.



Our lives are made up of moments linked together.

Moments are the ‘bytes’ of our entire lives

Life doesn’t start once the tasks are completed.

Make this year one when you

Make the most of your moments.

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