Igniting Sleeping Brains Project

Igniting Sleeping Brains

Carol JC Anderson

Let’s take a quick look at how differently we are all wired.

In the 8O’s, it was a big thing to discuss the right brain and the left brain.

It still has validity and is a big part of the puzzle but isn’t the end all.

I have a theory that explains why the right or left brain seem to be more active in our daily lives.

It has to do with the speed at which our brain functions.

Beta, Alpha and Theta speeds.

Left, Right (half asleep)

There are more but these are the basic speeds but those we can control most easily are:

  • Beta waves –  strongly engaged mind (left brain)
  • Alpha state – resting, drawing, enjoying a garden (right side of brain).
  • Theta waves –  daydream

Could it be as simple as that?



I am nobody and know nothing.  This is informed opinion.

May not work for everyone.


This process will take 7 weeks.

I must say,

that despite the research I’ve done

and the knowledge that I’ve acquired,

I still,

at times,

find myself in a room waiting for the ‘tape to go around’

so that I will remember why I’m standing there with something in my hand.

That’s normal – not early onset anything.

Thinking it is some sort of red flag will only exacerbate the anxiety or exhaustion

or the reason why you are on autopilot.

This 7-week program will be multi-week: adding one little activity at a time to what you are already doing.

It will only and must only take 10 minutes a day.

Your brain will continue to exercise even after you are done.


Here is your first activity.

In an area that is large enough, create an 8.  This will be your ‘trail’ for the entire 7 weeks of the ‘Igniting Sleeping Brains Project’.

Spray paint it on the grass or just wing it.

Make sure the area is at least  10′ x 6′ or something large.  Now for the first session you will simply walk the 8.  I wish I were there to watch because where you cut the 8 off is where you have a problem in your brain.  I know it sounds to simple.  But so what if it works.  Since I am not there to watch, somehow force yourself to make a nicely rounded eight by painting it on the lawn or using colorful tape on a rug or floor.

Walk this 8 for 10 minutes….no more!!!

You can’t use a treadmill.

It isn’t about walking.

It is about the switching of our direction with the 8

Arms quietly by your side.  Don’t swing them.

We just want your legs directing the paths in your brain.

Don’t talk (no auditory stimuli) no music, no radio, no tv, no friends talking to you!!

Don’t watch anything (no visual stimuli)

Just concentrate on walking the 8.

You can do this two times a day if you want quicker results.

But be sure that you are walking the 8 without cutting off any portion of it.

If you continually cut off a corner, you won’t fix the problem causing you to cut off the corner in the first place.

At least once have someone tell you if you are doing it correctly.

Next, we will layer this activity with another very simple action but don’t go on until you can walk this 8 well.

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