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The Graduates Gum Drop School
A full color book of songs for violinists. 'Graduates' is the final book in the 1st series of Gum Drop Notes including the Minuets and Gavotte by Gossec, The fee is a monthly subscription. Study as long as you want with new materials being added. Use monitors for play-along music. The monthly fee will be charged each month until you decide you have completed the level.

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When reading the music, realize that almost all clues are  provided for you.

If the song has one sharp in the key signature, it is always an F#.

All F sharps in the song will be circled with the nearest note which is G.

Each note is given a color and each sharp or flat is circled with a circle the color of the note it is moving toward.

Remember:     A=Red  B=Purple C=brown D=grey E=blue  F=orange  G=green

A full color book of songs for violinists. ‘Graduates’ is the final book in the 1st series of Gum Drop Notes. ‘Graduates’ consists of::

Minuet 1 by Bach

Digital Book

Minuet 1 harmony practice speed

Minuet 1 harmony

Minuet 1 Part A Practice Speed

Minuet 1 both parts

Minuet 2 Digital Sheet Music
Minuet 2 by Bach

Do Your Ears Hang Low is a great song for developing the stretch 3rd finger on the G string.  When you play this note be sure not to stretch the finger from an ‘E string Position hand’ .  Your teacher can show you, but the way I do it is to have my left elbow straight down to the floor on the Estring,   A string – slightly leaning toward your belly, D string – even more to the right in front of the belly and the G string (while your weight is on the forward foot your left arm as now moved in even further to the right.  This way your fingers are not moving our of position any more than they do when they are in E string position.  The stretch 3 is the same movement on the E as it is on the G.

Do Your Ears Hang Low Sheet Music

Do Your Ears Hang Low – Folk Tune

Minuet 3 by Bach Play-alongs

Minuet 3 by Bach Sheet Music

Minuet 3 Practice Speed
Minuet 3 Polished Speed

Bile the Cabbage Down – Irish Folk Tune

Bile the Cabbage Down – Sheet Music

Happy Farmer Digital Teacher Manual Book

Happy Farmer Practice Speed play-along music

Happy Farmer Polished Speed play-along music

America the Beautiful Sheet Music

America the Beautiful play-alongs

America displaying melody in color

America displaying harmony in color

Gavotte by Gossec Teacher Manual

Gavotte by Gossec

Kindle book: The Graduates

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