Complete Series: Pre-twinkle

Complete Pre-twinkle Series

for Violinists and teachers


Pretwinkle school on DVD.


This DVD includes

tutorial videos for computer, iPhone/iPad


Pretwinkle books in

pdf format for printing





remember: scales aren’t just a fish thing



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would you like fries with that?

Would you like to include:

5 paperback teacher manuals




Know Your Strings Coloring book


with play-along music

Video Tutorials

Digital books

for demonstration as you teach  

digital book photo

and best of all!!! 

The series of

Parts of the violin and bow

that Colin is using in this

tutorial video. 


  • Parts of the Violin Study Cards


with the name of the part on the card


  • Parts of the Violin Go Fish


  • Parts of the Violin Memory Game

and templates to print for your students to take home and study


A digital coloring book for them to use on their iPad’s teaching the open strings – where the open string notes sit on the the staff and rhythms to prepare the student for playing songs


Create a great foundation

for the start of a fantastic experience!

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