Fiddle Digital School Sample

The fiddle tunes in the Fiddle Tune School are great to memorize so you can continually increase in the speed they are played.   The tunes are at the Book 2 level of the Suzuki repertoire.  When reading the music, realize that almost all clues are  provided for you.  If the song has one sharp in the key signature, it is always an F#.  All F sharps in the song will be circled with the nearest note which is G.  Each note is given a color and each sharp or flat is circled with a circle the color of the note it is moving toward.

Remember: A=red, B=purple, C=brown, D=grey, E=blue, F=orange, G=green.

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Bile The Cabbage Down


Bile the Cabbage Down very fast

Bile the Cabbage Down verse slowly

Bile the Cabbage Down slowly


Chicken reel.pagesChicken Reel

Chicken Reel 80 (slow)

Chicken Reel 160

Chicken Reel 220 (fiddle speed)


Blackberry Blossom.pages

Blackberry Blossom 60 (slow)

Blackberry Blossom 100

Blackberry Blossom 180 (fast)


carrle in yje cotn.pagesCattle in the Corn

Cattle in the Corn slow (65)

Cattle in the Corn (90)

Cattle in the Corn (110)

Cattle in the Corn (180)

danny boy.pagesDanny Boy

Danny Boy Play-along music

devils dream.pagesDevil’s Dream

Devil’s Dream 40 slow

Devil’s Dream 50

Devil’s Dream 80


Irish Washerwoman.pagesIrish Washerwoman

Irish Washerwoman slow practice speed (50)

Irish Washerwoman a little faster (100)

Irish Washerwoman almost there (150)

Irish Washerwoman fiddle speed (200)


Gum Drop Fiddle Tunes copy Swallowtail Jig

Stay tuned for additional play-alongs and music

Gum Drop Fiddle Tunes copyIrish Washerwoman and Swallowtail Jig


Duet with Irish washerwoman

Old Joe Clark.pagesOld Joe Clark

Old Joe Clark practice speed

Old Joe Clark Polished

fiddle music orange blossom.pagesOrange Blossom Special

Orange Blossom Special Practice speed (45)

Orange Blossom Special (70)

Orange Blossom Special (85)

Orange Blossom Special (110)

 Sally Goodin’


Sally Goodin’ Study

 Sean Ryan’s Polka

Sean Ryan’s Polka slow (100)

Sean Ryan’s Polka Fiddle Speed (180)

Gum Drop Fiddle Tunes copySoldier’s Joy

Soldiers Joy Practice Speed (65)

Soldiers Joy a little faster (120)

Soldiers Joy almost fiddle speed

turkey in the straw.pagesTurkey In the Straw

Turkey in the Straw Practice Speed

Turkey in the Straw Polished Speed

volcanic jig.pagesVolcanic Jig

Volcanic Jig slow (60)

Volcanic Jig (100)

Volcanic Jig (180)


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