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First Position Playing Cards

Third Position Playing Cards

Position Package

All the Finger Positions Game

‘Violin Finger Positions Made Easy’ Package

This package consists of three of worldwide best selling teacher manuals:  ‘Violin Finger Positions Made Easy’ for First Position, Second Position and Third Position.  The package includes teacher manuals, card games and a magnetic fingerboard. See contents below.

This teacher manual shows:
1). The finger position  ie: 1&2 touching  etc.
2). Where on the fingerboard the note is played
3). Where the note sits on the staff.
4). How the left hand looks when in that position.

This unit makes the process of teaching shifting a fun challenge that the students embrace with understanding, at any age.



Scales Aren’t Just a Fish Thing ™ ‘

Violin Finger Positions Made Easy’ Digital Package

1st Position Teacher Manual

first position digital

Instructions…Instructional video…Teacher Manual…First Position Study Cards…Large Bingo Cards…Small Bingo Cards…Tic Tac Toe…First Position Playing Cards and Clue Cards


2nd position Teacher Manual…3rd position Teacher Manual

1st Position Violin Teacher Manual and Games Digital
1st Position Violin Teacher Manual and Games Digital
Digital Download: The 'First Position Violin Game' is a foundational game for teaching a violin student the structure of the fingerboard and to prepare them for learning music theory. Included is the 1st position fingerboard reproducible, 1st position teacher manual with large 'bits' of information about each note on the fingerboard, and the '1st Position Game'. Be sure to scroll along the bottom of the digital books, there are six.

All Positions Violin Game
All Positions Violin Game
'All Positions Violin Game' is a bit advanced, yet with only a few weeks of preparation, the students will be able to play the game with excitement and speed. Using the cards, magnetic fingerboard and thick spiral bound teacher manual as teaching tools helps prepare the student, giving a background of music theory at the same time. Game tutorials will guide you through each step of the way. Email if you have questions.

The ’10 Minute Music Theory Card Games’ ™ is a year long series of card games intended to be played at the end of each lesson.  This slowly builds understanding from the simplest concept until it is intrinsically understood. Students want to come to lessons because they are motivated and excited about learning.  Their progress is solid and steady.  They understand intervals and otherwise difficult music theory concepts by playing games until they are at lightning speed.  All games include ‘clue cards‘ with all the answers ‘nurture don’t test’.

‘The Magnificent Fingerboard ™’  is the basis for reference.  Students become familiar with the notes and the patterns. Combined with listening to the music, the understanding of the notes and their relationship to the notes around them, is a great musical foundation.







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