Let Your Fingers Do the Walking School

Section 1

Ring Those Strings Digital Book (needs ‘flash’)

Ring those strings

Ring Those Strings Coloring Book (needs ‘flash’)

Section 2


Let Your Fingers Do the Walking

Let Your Fingers Do the Walking Series

Teacher Manual

Rhythm Card Game

Tic Tac Toe Cards for Group Lessons

Tic Tac Toe Let Your Fingers Do the

Walking Coloring Book


 Kindle Books:  Let Your Fingers Do the Walking


Mary Had a Little Lamb



Hot Cross Buns

 Review: First Finger Exercises

Section 3

Bread and Cheese


bread and cheese cover

 Bread and Cheese Card Games

Bread and Cheese Digital Books


Charlie Brown and Snoopy

See You Later Alligator

Strawberries Strawberries

I love (sh) Mom

Play-alongs for Beginner Violinists


Section 4

Play Beginner Spit-cato

Buy the cards for this level of Spit-cato as well as the future needed levels through Amazon. 

100% guaranteed for life.

If you don’t want to buy them you can simply make them.

4 - Twinkle School of Gum Drop Notes Level 4
A full color book of sheet music. Gum Drop Notes are color-coded music that Ignites sleeping brains and goes through the back door of learning styles. Mental short-circuits are no match for the ease at which students begin to understand music theory, sight-reading and technique. The fee is on a monthly subscription so your classes will not be interrupted until you ask for it to be closed. Have a yummy time!

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