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Musette by Bach Gum Drop Notes is a book designed to help students understand the structure of music more deeply as they subliminally begin to understand the relationship notes have to one another by reading the Gum Drop Notes. Across the entire method of Scales Aren't Just a Fish Thing, including music theory card games and fun tunes, the notes are given a standard color. As sharps and flats are presented, the note is circled by the color the tone is moving toward. Even two year old students can sight-read music far beyond their normal ability. Parents can actually help their children. Students of music will learn the piece properly during their week of practice and many times return to their teacher with it memorized. And memorized with an understanding of what notes they are playing. Each song in the Keeper series has the bowing markings for each note. This way the muscles don't memorize the movements incorrectly. If teachers prefer a different method of bowing, they can simply write it in. But the correct bowing should be in front of you all the time. You are learning. So why not learn correctly? Students who use the Gum Drop Notes from the very beginning are through Suzuki Book 1 in a year with everything understood and memorized. After Musette, be sure to read 'Hunter's Chorus'.



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