Pachelbels school sample


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Kindle Canons Pachelbel’s Canon

1 Pachelbel Canon Preview 1 (very slowly)

 — 2 Pachelbel Preview 1
3 Pachelbel Preview 2 (Very Slowly)
— 4 Pachelbel 3 (Very Slowly)

6 Pachelbel First Shift

  Pachelbel Preview 3 Rhythm

Canons Study
Digital book of Canons - Mostly in C Major is a collection of 35 canons written using simply A, B, C, D, E, F, and G. Other instruments can play these canons but this particular arrangement is directed to the violin. This book is both a digital copy for your devices as well as a printable.

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A concept connecting how we learn

and how we process information

with the study of music

I hope that as you progress through this series of newsletters, you begin to realize that the suggestions given can be used to teach just about anything.

I am using music as the example.

The principles are universal.

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