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2 - Pre-Twinkle Shrimp Bucket Level 2
The Pre-Twinkle School level includes songs and play-alongs on the open strings of the violin, developing your ability to create a strong clear tone on an open string, a great position and proper bow arm. If you would like to see the Pre-Twinkle Class curriculum just go to the sample Pre-twinkle Page with no links. Once you have joined the classes the links will be activated.


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 Section One

Before anything else learn the parts to the violin and bow.  This way you will be able to use the correct terminology.  Make a violin out of a shoe box and put all the parts on it. Send me a picture of your new violin.

Parts of the Violin shop1

Parts of the Violin and Parts of the Bow


Parts of the Violin Memory Game

Parts of the Violin Go Fish

Parts of the Violin Teacher Manual

Parts of the Violin Coloring Book

Parts of the Violin and Bow Study Cards



If you would like to have a copy of the books on your computer for after you have moved onto the next level of playing in Scales Aren’t Just a Fish Thing School, here is a link for kindle, iPad, computer.

Parts of the Violin on Kindle for iPad or computer

Parts of the Bow on Kindle for iPad or computer

Here is a link for a hard copy of the books on Amazon

Parts of the Violin Hard Copy

Cards are purchased through orders placed through carolanderson@scalesarentjustafishthing.com



 Section Two

Playing Position: The first thing we need to work on is mastering the six steps to playing in a fantastic position.  There are templates in the following pdf files that provide a card game.  Please take your time and play the games.

Colin's Countdown

Colin’s Countdown

Review of Parts of Violin,

Rest Position and Playing Position

A Great Violin Bow-hold

Violin UP

Bow on Strings

Smile – control of your facial muscles

A Colin and Grammy Production –

Reinforcing the Six Steps

If you would like to keep the entire book of Colin’s Countdown to Violin Class on your devices:

Kindle iPad or computer

 Section Three

Know Your Strings Teacher digital books

Know Your Strings Coloring Book

Know Your Strings Coloring Book

Know Your Strings Tic Tac Toe

Know Your Strings Tic Tac Toe Game

Know Your Strings Card Game

Online Coloring Book

Know Your Strings Entire Series 3D Know Your Strings

Know Your Strings Play-along Music for each String

Know Your Strings Challenge E String

Know Your Strings Challenge A String

Know Your Strings Challenge D String

Know Your Strings Challenge G String

 Hard Copies

Coloring Book

Teacher Manual

Kindle Teacher Manual for iPad or Computer



 Section Three

Beginner Bowing Bookdigital book photo

Open String Challenge

Walking Bows

Running Bows

Roll Around Bows

Twirling Bows

Jumping Rope Bows

Toe Touching Bows

Hopping Bows


Books for saleBooks for sale

Hard copy anyone? Pre-Twinkle Package

Anyone interested in purchasing the cards and books in hard copy can do so here. The Pre-Twinkle Package includes what you find above.  Enjoy. Make  your lessons unforgettable. The cost is $400.00 plus $15.00 shipping

Pre-Twinkle Package
Pre-Twinkle Package
The Pre-Twinkle Teacher Package consists of 'The Parts of the Violin' , 'The Parts of the Bow', 'Parts of the Violin Coloring Book - reproducible', and all the Parts of the violin games. 'Colins Countdown', 'Know Your Strings Series', 'Beginner Bowing Book', and Play-along music. As well as little surprises to make lessons exciting.
Price: $400.24




books Read my books

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