Day 1 – Reading Sheet Music with Gum Drop Notes – cello A string

Tuesday, February 14, 2017



Cello - Know Your A String Sheet Music
Cello - Know Your A String Sheet Music
Digital download: Here is a way to mentally ‘download and embed’ information immediately giving an understanding of the ‘bit of information’ you are trying to learn. *** Visual learners need to see in order to process the information. *** Auditory learners need to hear the instruction to process it. *** Kinesthetic learners need to do it, touch it, experience it to process it. Scales Aren’t Just a Fish Thing does it all. Start with learning the notes of the strings and a few common rhythms.

Violin Sheet Music – Paperback books

Piano Sheet Music – Paperback books

Pre-twinkle Book one level one Study of White Piano keys

Twinkle and Guppy Level Book One Level 2

Salmon Level 3 Book One

Book one – Level 4

Violin Finger Positions

First Position Playing Cards

Third Position Playing Cards

Position Package

All the Finger Positions Game





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Reading Sheet Music with Gum Drop Notes
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Scales  Aren’t Just Fish  Thing

does it all.