Superhero Newsletter Series

When you opt in for the Super Hero Test, you will receive a series of newsletters about what I call the selfie – profile.  The newsletters will describe how you process information  nd how others process information differently.  You can’t step into their shoes but simply knowing that there is a difference and that the difference is justified seems to make life and personal interactions run a bit smoother.  This series includes hints for determining your ‘Facial Dominance, Eye dominance, Foot, Ear, and Hand Dominance.  Everyone wants to understand music to some degree, even if only to sing in the shower.  Somehow understanding music makes us smarter, or at least feel that way.  You be the judge.  Each video will emphasize one character quality of a super hero teacher, parent or student.  Success in anything is only a millimeter away from failure.  You simply need to know what that millimeter is so you can tweak it and achieve your goals and dreams.  You will receive your next newsletter every three days.  Please unsubscribe if you have no interest.


Carol JC Anderson


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