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Scales Aren’t Just a Fish Thing

A concept connecting how we learn

and our how our brains process information

with the study of music,

developed for over thirty years

To touch lives with a calm and gentle spirit…

Scales Aren’t Just a Fish Thing is a  back door method of teaching just about anything

(I am using music and music theory as an example)

We can avoid short circuits and mental roadblocks by working with the unique wiring and learning styles of each individual.


Igniting sleeping brains.


 ‘Ten Minutes Music


Theory Card Games’


Just some of the

templates  included in the

digital zip file of music

theory card games


Just $4.99 each


1 – Study cards

Scales Aren’t Just a Fish Thing

  ‘Symbols Study Cards’

(don’t overlook this step.  It provides success in the following weeks with the games.  Great for the right brained student and the visual learner.)


2 – Symbols with Symbols

Scales Aren’t Just a Fish Thing

Animated Gif Fish (17) (2015_09_18 18_42_50 UTC)

‘Symbols with Symbols’

Simply match the symbol with the

symbol.  Lots of suggested games.


3 – Symbols with names

Scales Aren’t Just a Fish Thing

‘Symbols with Name’


4 – Symbols with Rests of equal value

Scales Aren’t Just a Fish Thing

symbol with rest

‘Symbols with Rests of Equal Value’


5 – Cover the card

Scales Aren’t Just a Fish Thing



 and  Bingo – Tic Tac Toe

Scales Aren’t Just a Fish Thing

‘Bingo or Tic Tac Toe’



5 – Hierarchy of Notes and Note Exchange

Scales Aren’t Just a Fish Thing

‘Hierarchy of Notes’





buying all the templates in a zip file

Scales Aren’t Just a Fish Thing


Book – Reproducible for your own use. Not for resale


Huge Zip File of Ten Minute Music Theory Games about the Musical Symbols – Month One!! Reproducible for your own use.  Not for resale


Digital - Symbols - Month of Games
Digital - Symbols - Month of Games
A massive zip file of 12 music theory games and files relating to the musical symbols. This is month one (plus) of templates to create 'Ten Minute Music Theory Games'. Symbols with Symbols template, Symbols with Rests template, Symbols with Names, Study Cards, Sequence, Rests with Rests, Morse code, Key Cards, Hierarchy of Notes, Cover the Boards, Folksey Fingers, Bingo, Teacher Manual Awareness of Symbols, Awareness of Beat. Not for resale. Use for your own personal use and to teach students. Thanks



Buy the Book – available soon on Amazon

It is awesome.

It contains all the printed templates for the ‘Ten Minute Music Theory Games’ in the digital download


board games like ‘Four in a Row’ and ‘Sequence’

Large Bingo boards and Large Tic Tac Toe Boards as well as ‘key cards’ for playing the games

The Symbols Templates book also includes a book entitled, ‘Awareness of Symbol Shapes’ originally written for an autistic student with lots of definitions of each of the notes and manipulatives to cut out.

And now, for this special offer, a set of actual playing cards.  One deck of each of the card games.  Enjoy.



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