3 Twinkle Level 3 Sample Page

When reading ‘Twinkle’, realize that almost all clues are  provided for you.  If the song has one sharp in the key signature, it is always an F#.  All F sharps in the song will be circled with the nearest note which is G.  Each note is given a color and each sharp or flat is circled with a circle the color of the note it is moving toward.

Remember:     A=Red  B=Purple C=brown D=grey E=blue  F=orange  G=green

Digital Book


Scales Aren’t Just a Fish Thing Twinkle Digital Book

Cover Twinklers copy



Play-along Music

Some of the music is very simple as just meant to give you additional experience in sight-reading at your present level.  The songs with the stars are those which need to be memorized.  It is impossible to take a piece of music to the next level with your teacher unless you memorize it.  This way, when opportunities arise for you to go to workshops with the Suzuki community, you will already be prepared with all the skills, and more, that you will need to excel in the workshops.


*** Twinkle Twinkle Little Star

Cover Twinklers copy

Baa Baa Black Sheep

ABC Song

This Old Man

*** Song of the Wind Play-along

Song of the Wind Digital Book



Row Row Row Your Boat

Rain Rain Go Away

Pussy Cat Pussy Cat

Pease Porridge Hot

*** Lightly Row Play-along

Lightly-Row Digital Book

Lightly Row page one copy

Diddle Diddle Dumplin’ My Son John

*** Chippy (Go Tell Aunt Rhody) Play-along

Chippy (Go Tell Aunt Rhody) Digital Book chippy digital book


A All the Way

4 - Twinkle School of Gum Drop Notes Level 4
A full color book of sheet music. Gum Drop Notes are color-coded music that Ignites sleeping brains and goes through the back door of learning styles. Mental short-circuits are no match for the ease at which students begin to understand music theory, sight-reading and technique. The fee is on a monthly subscription so your classes will not be interrupted until you ask for it to be closed. Have a yummy time!


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