Violin – Tools for success

First Position Studying Cards, Playing Cards, Tic Tac Toe




One Two Buckle My Shoe – A Study of the Second Finger



Three’s Company – The Study of the Third Finger on the Violin Fingerboard


Complete Series Companion Books

Don’t Miss these amazing

fun books for developing

your skills and techniques

as a violinist!!!





Pachelbel’s Canon

 Don’t miss the Violin

Finger Positions Made Easy

Teaching Tools

to help our brains

to embed music theory

behind the scenes.


Pianokey colors are not accurate on this photo

Gum Drop Note Sheet Music

Remember:  a note that is sharp or flat is notated with a circle the color of the note it is moving toward.  Just a little help while we are learning.



Violin Sheet Music – Paperbacks


digital books












Violin  Book


Big Book of Gum Drop Notes



Big Book of Gum Drop Notes




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